Many Rotarians ask, "How do I propose a new member?" and "Where do I get an application form?"  You introduce prospective new members to the club by bringing them to meetings and events.  You can download and print a brochure that includes the application form by clicking here.  

This is the place where you can use a credit card to pay your quarterly dues of $200.  This little window will ONLY take $200 payments.  IF you want to make another kind of payment, such as money you owe for some reason, please scroll down. 
  • It's quick and easy
  • You get a good record of your payment
  • You get frequent flyer (or whatever) points
​When you click the "Pay Now" button below it takes you to a secure PayPal Website.  If you don't have a PayPal account it doesn't matter, you can pay with a wide variety of common credit cards.  
WE KNOW that some of you might pay with a corporate credit card, a spouse's credit card, etc.  So PLEASE, where it says "Member's Name" type in the, ya know, name of the member?  
Member's Name?

 You can use the button below to make a payment of any amount to the club for any purpose.  Yes, the button says "Donate", but "Donate" is the only flexible payment button PayPal gives us.  

The challenge is to make sure that YOU get credit for the payment and for the right reason.  There should be a box to enter the member name and payment purpose in the PayPal payment process, but you should also send an email to our Treasurer Judith Cooley (JudithCooley at Bellsouth dot net) to tell her much you paid into PayPal and exactly what it was for.  Just to be safe...