Sue Finney is a long time resident of the Keys who is active in Advertising, marketing, and event planning.  She joined the Key Largo Rotary Club in 1993 and has been their Rotarian of the Year.  Sue took a break from Rotary and now is back with our club.  

We plan to make good use of Sue's talents in the runup to the Gigantic Nautical Flea Market!
How would you like to dig holes in rock for a living?  Dean Eakin came to the Keys to slow down a little.  But, together with his wife Julie he is digging in at Islamorada Pools.  If you need a hole in the ground, let Dean know! 
Anne Loveday contributes to our community in many ways and we are now happy to have captured her talents as a Rotarian.  She has served on the Village Workforce/Affordable Housing Citizens Advisory Committee and been recognized for her work there.  When she isn't volunteering, she is working at Capital Bank as a mortgage consultant. 

You can find out more about Ann by clicking here!

Contact Ann at: (305) 664-6261 or by email:
John Gallant owns a Real Estate Brokerage, Blue 9 Realty, located in Tavernier. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps and has been involved in Investment Banking. Because of his work on construction projects and humanitarian missions for Rotary International, John was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship before he even became a member of Rotary.

Over a decade ago, John ran a commercial construction company operating across the U.S. John also is a crocodile response agent for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, a member of the Board of Directors for The Keys Players and was the event lead of Upper Keys Relay for Life.  He has lived in Tavernier/Islamorada for seven years, and he is a Florida native, born in Clearwater and raised on Indian Rocks Beach.

His father, John H. Gallant, has been a Rotarian for more than 15 years and has served as a president and assistant district governor.

John can be reached at (305) 587-3663 or

The Blue 9 Realty website is

Richie Russell
Richie Russell
A 1975 graduate of Coral Shores High School, Richie Russell has been an educator and coach since 1979, the past 25 years as athletic director of CSHS. He is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he played football (bleeds orange) on a full scholarship. A fourth-generation Islamorada resident, Russell still lives on the island with his wife Mary. They have three children.
Willie Mitchell, also a life-long Upper Keys resident, is the owner of Mitchell’s Septic, a company started by his father Enis. Willie was a member of our club for many years, but he took some time off to focus on his business.  Now, he is back with us.  He is a graduate of Coral Shores High School, resides in Key Largo, and his two children attend college.
Gary Mace and his wife Brenda own Conch Republic Divers in Tavernier. He is a USCG-certified captain with more than 40 years of diving experience. He is also an electrical engineer and software developer with more than 20 years in high-end technology. Mace is actively involved at Island Community Church and arranges mission trips.
The former mayor of the Islamorada, Ted Blackburn is now retired after serving for four years on the Village Council. Prior to moving to Islamorada, he worked in finance in New York. He lives in Islamorada with his wife Sara and they have two grown sons.
According to his wife, Wendy, Kenny Gentes plays the guitar for her practically every morning.  And yes, it makes her happy. 
In addition to his degrees, national certifications, and deputations, Corey Bryan plays the zither. 
In addition to a boatload of talents, Neal Boyce is a Certified Integrated Awareness Practitioner .....  
He's there if you need him! 
Jason Koler, Keys Weekly
Jason Koler, Keys Weekly
Jason Koler is one of our newer members.

He's not new to Rotary though, we got him in trade from The Marathon Rotary Club, and while I am pretty sure that trade cost us a small fortune, it was well worth it.

When Jason isn't posting pictures of fellow Rotarians in The Keys Weekly, or mentioning The Upper Keys Rotary Club in print, he can be found working to entertain all of us by showcasing the eccentric characters and tropical locations throughout The Florida Keys.

His staff, writers, and contributors are outstanding at finding and reporting on informative, funny, and interesting topics. A number of his staff members are Rotarians in The Key Largo and Marathon Rotary Clubs. And while I think he had to cajole them into showing up for a meeting, they seem very happy to be here now.

Good people doing good things. And a GREAT place to advertise. 

Keys Weekly Marathon Office

9709 Overseas Highway

Olde Towne Centre

Marathon, FL 33050

(305) 743-0844: main

(305) 743-0866: fax

Pat Fazio, Chapman and Cardwell
Pat Fazio, Chapman and Cardwell
Patrick. J Fazio III is well known at The Upper Keys Rotary Club as the guy who makes winning soccer teams for Coral Shores High School. He is a coach and mentor who has been responsible for volunteering his time at Coral Shores, as well as The Gigantic Nautical Flea Market, and numerous other events that benefit the community. 

With all he does for the community, he also manages to lead a very successful life as a financial manager for Chapman and Cardwell Capital Management, who had great things to say about his dedication and skillsets within the financial services industry. Having a background in financial services, insurance, and mortage lending, Pat has a well rounded understanding of the financial markets as well as understanding key metrics for forecasting future market moves. He has an inpressive resume that, had we had room for, we would loved to have included, but you will just have to call him to learn more.. And we suggest that you do.

In our photo, Pat was "caught in the wild" at a Rotary luncheon with a stack of pickles big enough to have paved a moderately sized back yard patio. So if you found this page trying to glean enough information to get him a personalized birthday present, evidently the answer is a jar of Vlassic Pickles.

Please, don't mind us, we are just having a little fun at his expense. Pat is a super guy, and I think he just hangs out with us because we all pull together for the community, and because of that, he tolerates our shenanigans.

If you would like to reach out to Pat, for financial services, or just to give him pointers on how to properly train a goalie, you can find him here:

Patrick J. Fazio III 
Phone number