WELCOME to the Upper Keys Rotary Club Scholarship Application Page

There is a form here for GRADUATING SENIORS  and a form for RETURNING STUDENTS
Um, use the correct one, please.
Note that all applilcation forms must be complete and be received by or post marked on or before April 16.  We can not make exceptions or accept incomplete applications.  Sorry to sound so harsh, but this is a big job and we are on a tight schedule.  The financial application can take some time, so please start early!   
If you have any questions and you are a high school senior, please first contact your high school counselor. You should also view the YouTube video At This Link. 

 If you are a returning student or a home schooled student or if your counselor doesn't have an answer, then email    
Here are the minimum requirements for Graduating high school seniors submitting an application: 
-Recomended Minimum of 80 hours of community service in grades 9-12
-Minimum weighted GPA of 2.5 
-Minimum SAT score of 850 or ACT score of 19 for students pursuing a degree from a 2 or 4 year institution.
-Non-college bound students will be considered without standardized tests
-A completed(!) application - If you fail to fully complete the application, your application is at risk of being denied.
-The signature of a parent or guardian must certify the financial information on the form.

-We require the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form online.  Please use THIS LINK to get to the US Government's FAFSA page.  If you just do a search for FAFSA, you might fall into a commercial service that will cost you money.  FAFSA is free! (But it might not be easy... start early!)  

In some rare cases a parent or guardian is not available.  In such a case, please send us an email at   
-We need the eligibility page from the FAFSA and Pell Grant award if applicable.  That's the page with the EFC code.  
- A list of 3 non-related references including telephone number and email address.
- A letter of recommendation. 
- Get it ALL into email or into the post office no later than April 16 ! 
Are you a High School Senior? 
CLICK HERE to download the Upper Keys Rotary Scholarship Application for High School Seniors in Word .doc file format.  
Did you receive a scholarship from our club in previous years? 
Did you graduate from high school more than  2-3 years ago? 
If you have previously received an Upper Keys Rotary Club Scholarship, CLICK HERE to download the application form for for Returning Students

The BIGGEST CHALLENGE we have with you is keeping track of your ever-evolving email AND mailing addresses.  PLEASE email with changes to your email address and mailing address.  Oh yes, include your NAME.  (It happens more often than you can imagine!) 

Review the YouTube video describing the Payment process  at THIS LINK 
 Review the YouTube video describing the Application process at THIS LINK
1. Get a copy of your transcripts / grade reports.  Some schools only make them available for a limited period of time.  Download, copy/paste, however and whenever. It's does NOT have to be an "official" copy.    
2. Write the Rotary Scholarship Committee a letter.  You have met these Rotarians.  You know us.  We ARE interested in you! Be personal and tell us HOW and WHAT you are doing now and what you PLAN to do.  If you had a hard time for a semester or changed majors, or had rotten roommates who hurt your grades, TELL us!  This is your only chance to communicate directly, so DO IT! 
3. You also must complete the FAFSA and provide us with the EFC page.  See the Website FAFSA.ED.GOV  
ALL Applicants, first time and returning, must also submit a Financial Information Sheet. Click Here for the same sheet in .pdf format.   Note that you application can not be complete without the completed and signed Financial Information Sheet.  (The sheet is a part of the application form) 

Note that the application for both new and returning applications requires completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (known as FAFSA).  You get this form from the Website    But, if you simply do a search for FAFSA you might be taken to Websites that ask for money to help you complete the form.  FAFSA is free.  Use the government Website!  CLICK HERE

1. Download the appropriate application form 
2. Download the financial sheet if you need more than one. (this year there is one attached to the form) 
3. Goto and have the person responsible for financial support complete the form
4. Write an essay (or a letter for returning students) 
5. Get references and letters of recommendation (returning students GET TRANSCRIPTS)
6. Get others to read your essay / letter 
7. Put it all together and submit it WELL BEFORE April 16