If you are looking for the scholarship application forms, click on "Scholarship Apps" on the left side of the page in the blue box.  

If have ALREADY received a scholarship award from the Upper Keys Rotary Club, please click on the 1 Minute video below! 

Hey there..  Upper Keys Rotary Club Scholarship Recipients... 
This year the Upper Keys Rotary Club gave out more than 75 scholarships.  All of you who received scholarships will be coming in for money pretty much all at once.
There was a letter with your scholarship award that told you how to get your money, but who reads those?  But, if you WANT the money, you have to play by the rules.  It's simple:
-- First, the Upper Keys Rotary Club scholarship is an academic scholarship.  That means tuition, housing while at school, and books.  It doesn't mean a coffee maker, a couch, or things that aren't directly school related.  ("School housing" means where you live when you go to school... dorm, apartment off campus, a small tent in the end zone of the stadium.. whatever..) 
-- We prefer that you get send an invoice, a bill, from the school or bookstore or landlord or wherever and send it to us to pay.  (With YOUR name and the payment address!) 
-- If you pay for something school-related yourself, you can send the paid receipt that clearly shows what it's for and asking for reimbursement (with your CURRENT Address!).

Ring Ring
"This is Junie B and I haven't received my check." 
"Junie, the check went out three weeks ago." 
"I don't have it." 
"It went to 345 Hopscotch Drive" 
"Oh, I didn't like my roomates so I don't live there anymore" 
Sound of  palm slapping forehead. 

If you scan or copy and paste the paperwork, you can email it to: UKRotaryscholarship@gmail.com 

If you want to use snail mail, then send it to:
Upper Keys Rotary Club
PO Box 1514
Tavernier, FL  33070
-- The biggest problem the Rotary club has is keeping track of you.  So, if you change email addresses or move, please send an email to ukrotaryscholarship@gmail.com and give them you new email and address.    

Don't forget that in January the Rotary club is going to come and ask you for help in marketing the Gigantic Nautical Flea Market (the source of all money!) .  We will ask for a selfie and some sentences telling the world how great you are doing.  It would be great to have you participate.   Keep in touch!