Happy New Year!  It's time for some payback on your Upper Keys Rotary scholarship.  The money for your scholarship came from the hard work of many folks at the Gigantic Nautical Flea Market.  So, we need you to "payback" a little by doing two things to promote the 2016 Flea Market event. (Keep reading... this is important)  
We need two things BY (no later than!) January 18.  
1. We need a photo of you at school or at work and three or four sentences of text.  In that text, please tell us  A. Who you are.   B. Where you are.  C. What you are doing...details!  D. Why you are SO grateful for the Rotary Scholarship.  Put the photo and text into an email to me at fderfler@gmail.com.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  We have editors. 
Here, for example, is how we used the photo and information provided by Danielle DeToro last year:
Inline image 2
We will take these photos and sentences and use them in our annual newspaper publication to promote the Flea Market event. 
A "selfie" photo is great.. we want to see your face.   Just you in the photo, unless you are with another Keys Rotary scholarship recipient (then a "group" photo would be super) 
2. We would also like you to use your phone, tablet, etc to make a five second video of you saying, "See you at the Gigantic Nautical Flea Market".  CLICK HERE for an example.  Email me the clip at fderfler@gmail.com.  Don't worry about editing.  We can do that.   
Those are the two important things we need by no later than January 18.  
BUT.. IF you also wish to apply for continued scholarship support from the Upper Keys Rotary Club, THEN you should watch the video at KeysRotary.info  (or CLICK HERE)   The DEADLINE for that 2016 scholarship application is April 17.  There is no such thing as a "little bit" late.  And yes, the scholarship award committee does see the items you contribute to the Flea Market newspaper supplement.  Follow the instructions on the video and at our Website --(Click Here) for the 2016 "Returning Student" scholarship application.  Note: start early! 
-Two things to do now: A selfie with some comments and a video clip. Email them. 
-Then, in a couple of weeks, start on the application for the NEXT scholarship.  The Absolute deadline for the application is April 17. 
- Also, come home and work at the Gigantic Nautical Flea Market Feb 20 & 21. After all, that's where the money comes from!  
Questions?  Email me at fderfler@gmail.com
Happy New Year and Sincere Best Wishes for your continued success.  
Frank Derfler
Upper Keys Rotary Club  fderfler@gmail.com

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